Easily get the nutritional and ingredient information for your order forms ready-made

You must also print the new mandatory information on nutritional values and ingredients on your order forms - even if you don't want to use e-labels!

  • Consumers must be able to read the new mandatory information on nutritional values and ingredients before making a purchase.
  • This means for order lists that you perhaps still sent by post or displayed in your wine shop: If there is a direct ordering option here, then the nutritional information nutritional information and ingredients must be listed for each wine! In our opinion, this should be the case if customers can enter the number of wines they want in a box. the number of wines they want and then fax or post the slip of paper. or send it by post. Or if a telephone number is listed with the note "Simply call us to place an order". simply call us to place an order".
  • Ultimately, this has nothing to do with e-labels and applies even if even if you don't want to use e-labels for your bottle labels! at all!
  • With our e-label and QR code platform however, you have an easy-to-use option, to generate the relevant data for your order lists.
  • When you generate the e-label for a wine using our platform, the necessary information required for your order lists is generated and provided at the same time! your order lists!
  • Download the data and simply copy it into your order forms.
  • The best thing is that you don't have to maintain the data for your e-labels and your order lists twice! If you change the data of your e-label, the relevant information for the order lists is automatically updated! are automatically updated!
  • Alternatively, you can also use the QR code of the e-labels in your order list.
  • Our recommendation: It's best not to issue order slips but always direct your customers straight to your online store! This is sustainable and saves paper and possibly postage. And you save time, because you don't have any extra work with order slips.
  • Our alternative recommendation: On your order lists or order slips, simply state the Internet address of your website/webshop website/webshop on your order lists or order slips with the information that you can order there. Then you no longer have to print nutritional information on the labels, because this information can be viewed in your webshop before ordering online!
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