What does our service cost?

You will receive the following benefits: Service description.

You only pay for as many e-labels/QR codes as you really need!

The permanent provision of our e-label and QR code service for you can only be provided with the help of a monthly fee, because just like you we have to think and work economically.

However, our aim is to provide winegrowers and wineries with ideas, tools and solutions in the Internet environment with which they can save time and effort, gain time for other things and open up new sales opportunities. That's why we offer you our solution for this important topic at following favorable conditions.

  • For the use of elabels4wine with all its functions functions as well as the maintenance and management of all existing e-labels and e-labels and QR codes you have created you pay a monthly fee of only 20 euros net plus VAT.
  • Annually 20 e-labels and QR codes are included, which you can at no additional cost within one year!
  • Only if you need more e-labels or QR codes, i.e. if you have used up your annual supply is used up, you will pay for the creation of a new new e-labels or QR codes, you will pay a one-off additional fee of only 5 euros net plus VAT! So you only pay for e-labels that you really need!
  • Currently, for the introduction of our new e-label platform the use of our API and the Wordpress plugin is included free of charge!
  • No setup fee!

Attention: Introductory price for registration up to and including 31.12.2023!

Stand 09.10.2023

These prices and conditions for the introduction of "elabels4wine" are valid up to and including 31.12.2023!

Our money back satisfaction guarantee

If you are not satisfied in the first three months, you will get your monthly fees back! Without ifs and buts.

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