Easily create e-labels for your wine, which you can even operate under your own domain!

Create e-labels easily and securely in all the languages you need

  • Our wizard takes you by the hand and guides you automatically through the entire process of e-label and QR code creation!
  • Import your wine data from your wine management program (currently Winestro and Winitas) and use it to create your e-labels.
  • If you then change your then change your data in your wine management program, your e-labels will be by an automatic regular update without you having to do anything (currently only for Winestro (currently only for Winestro)!
  • Alternatively, you can enter your wine data manually. You only need to enter the data actually required for an e-label label, no more and no less.
  • With the help of our generator tool, nutritional information and ingredient lists for your generated for your e-labels, automatically translated into the required languages and saved as web pages. These are then the e-labels that your customers can access.
  • You receive all the data and the QR code for each e-label and can test the e-label immediately. test the e-label immediately.
  • Download all the data as a data sheet to pass on, as a backup or for your own records.
  • Your e-labels are available under a trustworthy domain as long as you have a paid subscription: wine-info.eu! Your customers will immediately recognize what it's all about.
  • With our platform, you can also easily make your e-labels available under your your own domain, your own homepage, which we highly recommend! highly recommend! Click here for more information.
  • Consumers will automatically see your e-labels in their preferred language. Without geolocation or tracking!
  • Best possible availability of your e-labels thanks to lean systems and small files that can be easily loaded by the consumer even with a slow internet connection. can be loaded by the consumer.
  • Regular updates: We follow the developments around around e-labels and adapt our platform if necessary.

Maximum flexibility with our e-labels

  • Do you already want or need to print your labels with an e-label QR code even though you don't have any data yet? No problem.
    Simply create an e-label with fantasy data that you can change as soon as you have the real values. Or you can use our "URL reservation" tool to create a fixed defined QR code for your label and create the e-label as soon as you have the data. have the data.
    No more time pressure! Full flexibility!
  • The e-label QR code of wine A has accidentally been printed on the label of wine B? printed on the label of wine B? Don't panic: With us you can simply swap the QR codes of two wines!
    No more unnecessary additional printing costs, no more finger-pointing, no more stress!
  • You don't yet know which e-label provider you actually want to use? But you already want or need to print bottle labels? No problem!
    Use our "URL mapper" tool with any website as the target, to create a QR code for your wine label. Then choose a provider and create your e-labels there. To then assign the correct e-label to the QR code on your bottle labels, change the target URL of the QR code and enter the internet address of the e-label instead. of the e-label instead.
    If you decide to use our platform to create your e-labels as well, simply simply click to convert the URL mapping into an e-label! The QR code on your bottle remains the same in any case!
    No more time pressure!

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