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e-label and QR code platform

  • Fulfill your legal information obligations in a simple and secure way!
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  • Play it safe with our solutions in the field of e-labels and labels!
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  • Our e-label platform offers additional useful and profitable features to help you get the best for you and the best for you and your winery!
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Fulfill your legal information obligations in a simple and secure way

Simple, intuitive creation of e-labels and QR codes for other applications

  • You are guided through the process by a wizard so that you can easily and effortlessly create your e-labels and QR codes for URL mappings and URL reservations.
  • You can import wine data or add it manually with just a few entries; You can simply copy existing wine data as a template for others and then edit it further.
  • With the help of our automated tool, you can create your nutritional value table and the ingredients list with just a few clicks! Can also be used for your bottle label!
  • And best of all: You can easily add our e-labels under your own homepage, your own domain! This is the only way to be independent of a single e-label provider and retain full control! We'll tell you how it works.

Integrate your nutritional and ingredient information easily into your webshop

  • The new mandatory information that you have to display on your bottle labels must be consumers can also take note of in your online store before making a purchase. This also applies if you do not want to use an e-label for your bottle labels but print the data directly on the label.
  • However, with our e-label and QR code platform you get an easy-to-use possibility to integrate the corresponding data to integrate the corresponding data into your webshop: Create an e-label and integrate it with our instructions.
  • And the best: You don't have to maintain the data of the e-label twice! If you change the data of your e-label, the information displayed on your website will be updated as well! information displayed on your website!

Automatically receive the right nutritional values for each e-label at the same time nutritional values and ingredients for your order lists

  • The new mandatory information that you must display on your bottle labels must also be available to consumers wherever they can place an order, can place an order. So also on order slips.
  • When you create an e-label, you will automatically receive an additional of the information, which you can simply copy into your order slips.
  • Or you can use the QR code of the e-label in your order list. But it's best not to issue order slips at all but always direct your customers straight to your online store! This is sustainable and saves paper and possibly postage. And you save time, because you don't have any extra work with order slips.

Fully automatic translation of all mandatory information no manual translations necessary!

  • For the terms in the list of ingredients, we use the official designations from the relevant EU regulations. You select the term in your language, and the translation into other EU languages is carried out automatically.
  • For the translation of further information or terms we use the best translation AI in the world - DeepL ( So you don't have to worry about the translation at all.
  • DeepL does not currently support Irish, Croatian and Maltese, so we do not yet we do not yet provide this language. We find that more honest, than asking you to translate manually or using less good translation tools. tools. However, we are working hard on a solution to be able to provide you with these languages in the near future.

Best possible availability of your e-labels thanks to lean, separate systems

  • Your e-labels should be available at all times. To support this in the best possible we use two separate systems.
  • In one system(elabels4wine) you create your e-labels. There the data is written to a database and you can change it there at any time. From this, small files are created for small files, or more precisely web pages, are created for your e-labels, which can be accessed under a different domain ( are called up. This separation ensures that the e-labels in the event that the system for changing the e-labels is ever is updated, or if a database is actually unavailable. Because that can never be completely ruled out.
  • The e-labels themselves are displayed by a small, virtually maintenance-free system, which further increases display reliability. However, there is no such thing as however; there are too many possible sources of error on the Internet over which we have no have any influence over.

Consumers automatically see the e-label in their preferred language

  • After scanning the QR code, the e-label is automatically displayed in the consumer's language of the consumer. To do this, we use the language set in the language set in the consumer's browser. This information is automatically supplied by the browser browser every time a web page is called up and can be evaluated.
  • The consumer can select an alternative language in the e-label. This choice is then stored in a cookie and used as the default when viewing further e-labels. further e-labels. Attention: The cookie is a purely technical cookie, not one of the now disreputable one of the now disreputable marketing cookies!
  • No geolocation, no tracking is necessary for this!

Fast display of e-labels even with poor internet connection

  • The e-labels are small files, small web pages, which can be transferred and displayed in the browser quickly and and displayed in the browser even with a poor Internet connection.

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We also help you with problem solutions in the environment of e-labels and labels!

You already want or need to print your labels with e-label QR code even though you don't have any data yet? No problem.

  • Just create an e-label with fantasy data, which you change as soon as you have the real real values. Or you can create a fixed QR code for your label with our tool "URL Reservierer". QR code for your label and create the e-label as soon as you have the data. have the data.
  • No more time pressure! Full flexibility!

Manage your nutritional and ingredient data centrally in one place

  • Consumers must always be able to take note of the new mandatory information before they buy before buying, i.e. also in the webshop, on order slips, and possibly also in the bar at at festivals.
  • Even if you don't want to use e-labels for your bottles, it makes sense to manage these data in one place, in order to be able to handle the corresponding requirements easily. the corresponding requirements. Use the advantages and possibilities of our e-label platform!

The QR code of another bottle has been printed on a label by mistake? has been printed on a label? No problem - simply redefine the e-labels!

  • The e-label QR code of wine A has been printed on the label of wine B? Don't panic: With us, you can simply swap the QR codes of two wines!
  • No more unnecessary extra costs in printing, no more finger-pointing, no more stress!

You don't know yet which e-label provider you actually want to use? But you already want or need to print bottle labels? No problem!

  • Use our tool "URL-Mapper" with any website as target, to create a QR code for your wine label. Then decide on a provider and create your e-labels there. To then assign the correct e-label to the QR code on your bottle labels, you change the target URL of the QR code and enter the Internet address of the of the e-label instead.
  • If you decide to use our platform to create your e-labels as well, simply click the simply convert the URL mapping into an e-label by clicking on it! The QR code on your bottle remains the same in any case!
  • No more time pressure!

Help! You want or need to change your e-label provider, but have their QR codes on all your bottles? Take care with our e-label platform!

  • Let's say you choose e-label provider A and print their QR codes on your bottles. on your bottles. If at some point you no longer want to be a customer there, you are bound by the QR codes.
  • Take care and use our "URL mapping" feature: Simply change the target URL, to connect the e-label of another provider. Print the QR code of the URL mapping on your bottle labels, and you're safe!
  • Don't worry: We guarantee the permanent provision of our service. Of course, we can only do that through the fees you pay us.

Helpful support for printers, for error-free printing of your bottle labels

  • Send your QR code and the associated data to your print shop with one click. This saves you time and effort.
  • Your print shop will automatically receive all the data it needs to print the correct labels with the correct QR code. No more worries about printing errors anymore!
  • Of course you can download and send the created e-label data as often as you want. download, view and send them as often as you like.

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Our e-label platform offers additional useful and profitable features to help you get the most for you and your winery

More sales with the 2-QR code strategy

  • Take advantage of the attention the e-label QR code on your bottle labels gets from consumers and direct them to a second QR code that supports your marketing activities! your marketing activities!
  • The E-Label QR code ultimately only fulfills legal information requirements. A second QR code on the label, however, allows you to guide interested parties to your homepage or special promotion web pages, where you can ultimately make make!
  • Create here with our tool "URL-Mapper" a fixed defined QR code, which you also print on your label. Behind this QR-Code you can any website behind this QR code! And the special: You can change the assignment change the assignment, depending on the action you want to perform!

Automatically receive e-labels that are as compact as possible

  • When creating an e-label, depending on the information you provide, the most compact the most compact representation possible. Because you do not have to a complete table in every case.
  • An e-label always presents only the information that is actually necessary and is generated without any frills that could possibly be seen as hidden marketing. marketing. This also helps the consumer to focus on the values and information, because this is what he or she wants to see by scanning the QR code, and nothing else.

Create with the help of the E-Label-Tool to create the right nutritional value and ingredient display for your bottle label!

  • Useful even if you don't want to use an e-label!
  • Use the free preview when creating an e-label to get a nutritional nutrition table and ingredient list that you can use for your bottle labels! your bottle labels!

Your e-labels will be displayed under a domain that inspires confidence:

  • When a consumer scans the QR code on your bottle label, he or she will be the consumer (depending on the scan function and app of the smartphone) first the Internet address, the so-called URL of the e-label. The Internet address of your e-label starts with "". This immediately tells the consumer that he will be taken to a website with information about the wine.

Are you a Winitas or Winestro customer? Simply link your account and import your wine data!

  • We use the respective interface of these wine management programs, so that you can easily and quickly import and update your wine data with a click. import and update your wine data. This saves you a lot of work and you a lot of time for other things!
  • An automatic nightly update ensures that your e-labels are updated when data changes your e-labels are updated without you having to take any action at all (currently only for Winestro)!

As a customer of you use the advantages of our E-Label platform for free!

  • As a customer of you can use all features in your Die-Weingut-Website user area. And that free of charge!

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