Stay in control: run your e-labels under your own homepage!

Provide your e-labels under your own web domain! This is the only way to be independent of third-party providers.

  • The problem: Imagine you have QR codes from another e-label provider on all your bottle your bottle labels and then the provider discontinues their service. Your problem: The QR codes no longer work, and you can have massive problems and get into trouble.
  • The solution: The QR codes must lead to lead to your own domain (your homepage or another domain domain that belongs to you), because you have control over it.
  • With our elabels4wine platform, this is very easy to implement!
  • With our special process, you can even add e-labels from any provider provider under your homepage - or under another domain that belongs to you, that belongs to you (see our e-label domains that we offer especially for this purpose! And then you can also change providers!
  • In the settings, you can specify under which web domain your e-labels should be available. If this is your homepage, enter enter the Internet address of your homepage here.
  • With our interface, a small PHP script for your homepage, you can then link your e-labels to your website so that they can be accessed at an Internet address that belongs to your domain!
  • The QR codes of your e-labels will then lead to a website under your domain (e.g. Your customers won't see a cryptic Internet address like with other e-label providers, but recognize immediately that this is information from your winery! More recognition, more trust!
  • Attention: Linking the e-labels to your homepage requires certain technical technical requirements and is sensitive if you ever want to change your homepage provider or want to set up a completely new website. In this case you must ensure the continued availability of your e-labels.

    Easier and most advantageous for you in every respect is our separate e-label domain solution!

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