With Elabels4Wine you can place the e-labels of your third-party supplier under your homepage so that you can exchange them without getting into trouble!

This keeps you independent of third-party providers and prevents potential major problems!

  • The problem: Imagine you have QR codes from another e-label provider on all your bottle your bottle labels and then the provider discontinues their service. Your problem: The QR codes no longer work, and you could have massive problems and trouble.
  • The solution: The QR codes must lead to your own domain, because you have control over it. If you create e-labels that can be accessed under your web domain, then these e-labels are available for as long as YOU want.
  • With our platform, this is easy and safe for you to implement!
  • With our special process, you can add the e-labels of your chosen provider provider under your homepage! And then also change the provider if necessary, e.g. if the provider service, becomes more expensive or you simply no longer want to work with them! no longer want to work with them!
  • This is how you proceed on our platform: Instead of creating e-labels, you create so-called "URL mappings". These are QR codes to which you can assign any website. website.
  • Create a QR code for each e-label that you have created with your external provider, such a QR code and assign the Internet address of this e-label to it.
  • Now use this QR code on your bottle label! Not the one from your external provider. If a customer scans the QR code, they will be redirected to the forwarded to the original e-label!
  • The QR code of the "URL mapping" always leads to an Internet address under your your own domain, your own homepage (e.g. https://www.weingut-demo.de/qrcode/4712). When this address is called up the linked e-label of the third-party provider is automatically called up!
  • You can change the Internet address behind the QR code at any time; the QR code on the bottle remains valid. So you can change your change your e-label provider without having to relabel all your bottles, because the QR codes no longer work!
  • You need our API or our Wordpress plugin for this.
  • Click here for more information about our API interface.
  • Click here for more information about our Wordpress plugin.

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