With our API interface, you can create your e-labels under your own homepage!

No more cryptic URLs - your website is the destination

  • With us, you can even run your e-labels under your own homepage! This is the only way to be independent of third-party providers and have full control.
  • With our platform and our API, this is very easy and secure for you to implement!
  • Enter the Internet address of your homepage in the settings and create your e-labels and your e-labels and QR codes as usual.
  • With our API you can then link your e-labels to your website so that they can be accessed at an Internet address that belongs to your domain!
  • To do this, download the API script (php) and upload it to your root directory. This script creates the connection between your homepage and the e-labels and QR codes that you have created on our platform.
  • Make another small change in your htaccess file and create a special directory for your QR codes. a special directory for your QR codes.
  • The QR codes of your e-labels will then each lead to a website under your own domain (e.g. https://www.weingut-demo.de/qrcode/4711). Your customers won't see a cryptic URL like with other e-label providers, but recognize immediately that this is information from your winery! More recognition, more trust!
  • By the way, you can also use our API to make third-party e-labels available on your website. The process is the same. Just create the QR codes for these e-labels as we have described on the corresponding "Provide or exchange e-labels from other providers on your own website" info page have described.
  • The API is implemented in PHP and should work for all websites that are implemented with PHP. No guarantee, as of course we could not test all websites! :-)

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