With our PHP script you can place your e-labels under your own domain, e.g. your own homepage!

No more cryptic URLs - your website is the destination

  • With us, you can even run your e-labels under your own homepage! So you are independent of third-party providers and have full control.
  • With our platform and our interface, this is very easy for you to implement!
  • Enter the Internet address of your homepage in the settings and create your e-labels and your e-labels and QR codes as usual.
  • With our PHP script you can then link your e-labels to your website so that they can be accessed at an Internet address that belongs to your domain!
  • To do this, download the PHP script, change a few data that are important for access important for access, and then upload it to your root directory (note: with some homepage providers this is currently not possible, e.g. Wix; in this case use our e-label domain solution). This script creates the connection between your website and the e-labels and QR codes that you have created on our platform.
  • Make another small change in your htaccess file so that the uploaded script can take over the display of your e-labels.
  • The QR codes of your e-labels will then each lead to a website under your own domain (e.g. https://www.weingut-demo.de/qrcode/4711). Your customers won't see a cryptic URL like with other e-label providers, but recognize immediately that this is information from your winery! More recognition, more trust!
  • By the way, you can also use our script to make third-party e-labels available on your website. The process is the same. Just create the QR codes for these e-labels as we have described here:
  • The script was created using the PHP programming language and is available for PHP-based websites (at least PHP version 8.1). To be able to use it, you must have access to your web directories at server level. have access to your web directories and be able to upload files (this is not the case with Wix, for example), and you must be able to change your htaccess file. If this is not the case, then use our e-label domain solution.
  • So that you can try out at your leisure whether the e-label display works under your own domain also works, we will give you one free month at the start of your subscription! So you don't take any risks!

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